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Exceptions are unexpected, or are thrown to halt an operation in its tracks.

Logging is capturing application messages and exceptions which can be used to track down bugs or help optimise a process.

Knowing the state of entities in your application is very important. When you are designing a business process the entity in and out should be something you can rely on.

Jumping in at the code deep-end now, I am going to talk about a simple service interface which helps me greatly in keeping my services small and with a single purpose.


One of the most important software architectural designs I have learned over the years is SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).

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A task sizing tool for project teams, enter a topic and get your team to estimate complexity by clicking one of the 5 options, when all votes are in you see the result


Compress JS, CSS and optimise PNG files from Explorer

A remote control for your Windows PC on your smart phone

A fake, testable SMTP server for developers

This is version 2 of the SMTP Server for Developers

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