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Traditionally, an ASP.NET MVC project would be laid out with three main folders Models, Views and Controllers - all well and good, but as the projects get bigger this starts to become cumbersome with loads of classes in one folder.

SignalR is a bi-directional communication library.

It makes it extremely easy to push and pull data in real time between server and clients.

Ever need to schedule a series of actions in-memory? In writing a demo function for Size, I wanted to simulate real people coming on to the site, typing and voting - you know, casual, human-like...

This is the second part of two about uploading files using the WebAPI, this bit will explain the server-side component.

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A task sizing tool for project teams, enter a topic and get your team to estimate complexity by clicking one of the 5 options, when all votes are in you see the result


Compress JS, CSS and optimise PNG files from Explorer

A remote control for your Windows PC on your smart phone

A fake, testable SMTP server for developers

This is version 2 of the SMTP Server for Developers

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Windows Azure PowerShell Demos: http://t.co/9dLicoUGof via @YouTube

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RT @JamesvandenBerg: Configuring Windows Azure Pack with Load Balancers and ADFS using PowerShell : http://t.co/mCSDFbrnbz #WAPack #Powershell#ADFS

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RT @pluralsight: Watch @leastprivilege's course & understand authentication issues in Web API architectures!: http://t.co/aeuKRsyRZT http:/pic.twitter.com/Ino28RKiya

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Migrating Apps to the Cloud with Windows Azure: http://t.co/yFEGecB4uv via @YouTube