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Exceptions are unexpected, or are thrown to halt an operation in its tracks.

Logging is capturing application messages and exceptions which can be used to track down bugs or help optimise a process.

Knowing the state of entities in your application is very important. When you are designing a business process the entity in and out should be something you can rely on.

Jumping in at the code deep-end now, I am going to talk about a simple service interface which helps me greatly in keeping my services small and with a single purpose.


One of the most important software architectural designs I have learned over the years is SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture).

Using Icons

I am very keen on icons in a system but they can be a contentious issue - usually the design of the icon is the sticky bit.

Its important to keep your focus on the semantics behind the icons which is what makes them important.

Traditionally, an ASP.NET MVC project would be laid out with three main folders Models, Views and Controllers - all well and good, but as the projects get bigger this starts to become cumbersome with loads of classes in one folder.

SignalR is a bi-directional communication library.

It makes it extremely easy to push and pull data in real time between server and clients.

Ever need to schedule a series of actions in-memory? In writing a demo function for Size, I wanted to simulate real people coming on to the site, typing and voting - you know, casual, human-like...

This is the second part of two about uploading files using the WebAPI, this bit will explain the server-side component.

Uploading files from a web browser has always been a thing. New web standards are in place, but the reality is that even IE9 doesn't play ball, leaving a web developer with little choice but to fall back

I have been working in the mobile sector for a number of years now, both back-end services and the front-end UI. Architecture and design of these elements have their own challenges

I recently found myself needing to merge two objects into one.

Turns out to be pretty simple, using JSON.NET and a recursive extension.

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