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Regex Tester

Allows you to test while you write your Regular Expression

Shows all matches found in the PropertyGrid control so that you can drill down into the groups and captures

Shows the group name too, if you set one


Screenshot of Antix Regex Tester

(click to enlarge)


The latest version setup file

Once installed the application will check for new versions on closedown

This is called ClickOnce by Microsoft

...or standalone

for those behind a firewall you can download the standalone setup


If you find a problem with the application, please fill in the support form giving the full version details and how to reproduce the issue

Your help would be very much appreciated

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please add the version, if you know it

please describe the problem including steps for me to reproduce it

also include your operating system or browser where applicable

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#azure SDK for #nodejs to create a Table Service Explorer #JavaScript #coding

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