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I write projects in C# ASP.NET, Windows Forms, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Flash and JavaScript

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A task sizing tool for project teams, enter a topic and get your team to estimate complexity by clicking one of the 5 options, when all votes are in you see the result


Compress JS, CSS and optimise PNG files from Explorer

A remote control for your Windows PC on your smart phone

A fake, testable SMTP server for developers

This is version 2 of the SMTP Server for Developers

Regex Tester

Allows you to test while you write your Regular Expression


This was built to help me with a brochure site that I was doing, it enabled me to create images and thumbnails for a large number of photos that made up the gallery part of the site

CV Builder

This was written to help me keep my CV up-to-date with out having numerous versions of Word documents floating about my hard disk

Gallery 3.0

A new version of the Antix Web Gallery, creates a HTML gallery from your pictures

When I moved my development machine to Vista I soon realised that there was no SMTP Server included as there was in XP Pro

So… I got to writing one and this was the result

HTTP Server

A simple HTTP server for HTML and graphics

Web Gallery

Way, way back in the day, when I was a single go-gettum young developer I wrote a rather complicated application builder

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IJInformatico 28 minutes ago

#empleo #IT Programador (MVC-SQL Server) - Madrid

FransBouma 30 minutes ago

@randompunter @lazycoder Are you sure? Webforms: perhaps. MVC/Webapi... they're still there?

FransBouma 32 minutes ago

@randompunter @lazycoder aspnet 3.0+ was written by other ppl, webapi was written by other ppl? I don't think so.

randompunter 33 minutes ago

@FransBouma @lazycoder The WebForms/MVC/WebApi folks have moved on.

inform2atul 36 minutes ago

RT @debug_mode: Step by Step implementing Onion architecture in MVC Application