C# / Typescript
Architect / Developer

For Hire

With a focus on designing and implementing scalable applications and services using Cloud technologies and Agile methodologies. Proficient in Domain-based design using Event Sourcing and CQS architectures and patterns. Worked across multiple sectors including Insurance, Education Services, and Leisure.

  • C# .NET Core, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC / Web API
  • Microservices Architecture, Event Sourcing and CQS Architectures
  • Docker, Microsoft Azure, GitHub Actions


Architect / Developer
English Premier League Football Club

  • Designed and implemented Azure hosted microservices architecture with multiple applications supporting scouting activities.
  • Built a highly scalable architecture using CQS and Event Sourcing.
  • Worked with Docker for running services to emulate the live environment.
  • Technologies used: C# .NET Core, TypeScript, Microsoft SQL Server, EventStoreDB, Couchbase, Azure, GitHub Actions.


Architect / Developer
APMG International

  • Delivered systems to a wide variety of platforms in several languages.
  • Developed back of office issue tracking Web Application using Event Sourcing for full audit.
  • Worked in an Agile team of developers, testers, and devops engineers.


Architect / Developer & Senior Developer
BBC Technology, IND, Bond, SSP

  • Built frameworks for managing online shop mobilisation, payment gateway integration and a LINQ provider for Adapt.
  • Web and desktop applications for insurance quotes, online shopping and hotel booking.
  • Integrated with various systems, including payment gateways, insurance quoting systems and engines such as iMarket.


University of Sussex - Computing and AI